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    Welcome to the Newcomers Club of Greater Huntsville. We are a friendly, vibrant, fun-loving women's organization. Most of us are Huntsville or Madison residents, but we have members from as far west as Athens and as far north as the Tennessee border. The club offers you an opportunity to make lasting friendships while learning about northern Alabama. There is at least one activity every week — anything from casual luncheon potlucks to all-day bridge sessions to area tours. Check out our Facebook Page.   Click here to view our history page.

    The Newcomers Club is non-sectarian, non-political, and non-commercial. If you have moved to the area within the last three years, you are eligible to join. Want more information on membership? Click here.

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Lynn's Letter

This month brings with it one of the biggest bangs that our country experiences during the year, the Fourth of July. It is a day commemorating the adoption of the Declara-tion of Independence on July 4th, 1776. We celebrate with spectacular displays of fire-works, colorful patriotic parades, backyard barbecues, family reunions and baseball games. Enjoy the celebrations and embrace the time with family and friends.

Speaking of friends, our Newcomer friends are busy planning a year of fun and festivi-ties for our members.

1st VP Paula Mittell has some spectacular ideas for the Socials. Stay tuned for more exciting information about these highly anticipated events.

2nd VP Aimee Robinson has lined up some interesting speakers to enlighten and enter-tain us as we enjoy delightful venues and menus at our Luncheons/General Meetings.

Tours, On Stage and Sports Specials also have some informative, entertaining line-ups for us to enjoy throughout the year.

Some of our Interest Groups take a break during the summer months, so if one of your favorite happens to be on hiatus, try an activity that you haven't participated in for a while. You may meet new people or renew an old acquaintance.

Our "Early Bird Registration" has been a tremendous success, thanks to the idea of our 3rd VP, Alyson Mihealsick. At this writing we are 188 strong.

We are on for a Spring Fashion Show. Mary Conrad has agreed to take point on this always popular event. I'm certain we all look forward to what she has in store for us in April.

We are trying some new things this year, making a few subtle changes. I'm hopeful that you will be in agreement - it can't hurt to try new things. I will let each of you see if you are able to determine what we are changing and whether or not the changes ap-peal to you.

As I stated last month, communicate with your Board. Let us know your wishes. If you are uncomfortable contacting someone personally, there is a suggestion box at each Coffee available for your anonymous suggestions.

I wish each of you a spectacular, colorful, bang-up July. I'll look forward to the July Coffee and the Interest Group activities during the month.

Lynn Scherer

Check out our Tours, and On Stage! events. Join us!