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    Welcome to the Newcomers Club of Greater Huntsville. We are a friendly, vibrant, fun-loving women's organization. Most of us are Huntsville or Madison residents, but we have members from as far west as Athens and as far north as the Tennessee border. The club offers you an opportunity to make lasting friendships while learning about northern Alabama. There is at least one activity every week — anything from casual luncheon potlucks to all-day bridge sessions to area tours. Check out our Facebook Page.   Click here to view our history page.

    The Newcomers Club is non-sectarian, non-political, and non-commercial. If you have moved to the area within the last three years, you are eligible to join. Want more information on membership? Click here.

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Since many of us came to the Huntsville area from other states, we may have experienced conversations that went something like this:

"You're moving where!?!"
"But it's Huntsville."
"Yes, but Huntsville's different."

Alabama gets a bad rap sometimes and, every now and then, deservedly so. But as you will get to know me this year, you will discover that I have a genuine love for this state, warts and all. But what makes Huntsville so "different" is not its technology and science emphasis, but the fact that those coexist with the rural, the quaint and the very "Southern" remnants of the cotton town this once was.

There are three universities here, yet this is NOT a college town. There is a chance you will get stuck behind a hay baler on your way to work in Research Park. And the columns at the garden-did you know they were once part of the old courthouse? Where else can you take a visitor to see a cotton gin and the Marshall Space Flight Center in one day? I've done that. You can visit a thriving arts community in an old cotton mill or entertain the kids with the Historic Depot or the Space and Rocket Center. It's the dichotomy of these two worlds that holds a fascination for me and I hope you enjoy it too.

Here, in Newcomers, we have the privilege of meeting and getting to know women from all over the United States and even the world. We come together in this very unique place. Sharing with each "newer" person our discoveries about our new home makes the strangeness less daunting. Involvement in the various activities: the card games, socials, tours, bowling and meetings: helps us to feel the "belonging" we may have thought we'd left behind. The relationships we build here can last a lifetime so I invite you to jump in the deep end. The more you participate, the more you will enjoy.

I look forward to working with our new board this year and I am so grateful for the women who have paved the way before us resulting in such a strong foundation that it makes our work actually enjoyable. I implore all of our members to support those that are serving you by helping on committees (the best way to give advice!), by attending events and by extending the hand of friendship to our newest friends. As such a vibrant and successful club, we are one more reason why we can say, "The Huntsville area is different".

In friendship,

Cathy Brickey,

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