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    Welcome to the Newcomers Club of Greater Huntsville. We are a friendly, vibrant, fun-loving women's organization. Most of us are Huntsville or Madison residents, but we have members from as far west as Athens and as far north as the Tennessee border. The club offers you an opportunity to make lasting friendships while learning about northern Alabama. There is at least one activity every week — anything from casual luncheon potlucks to all-day bridge sessions to area tours. Check out our Facebook Page.   Click here to view our history page.

    The Newcomers Club is non-sectarian, non-political, and non-commercial. If you have moved to the area within the last three years, you are eligible to join. Want more information on membership? Click here.

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Presidential Ponderings

    Well after that fabulous Fashion Show I am almost speechless this month, don't worry I did say almost!! The team did an excellent job and I am so grateful to them for all their hard work. Dillard's was very generous to us with their time and door prizes and all the goodies. We really owe them a huge "Thank You". It's the sort of partnership that makes you want to shop in their store.

    Now, on to April and "Murder at the Speakeasy." Please be advised that the reservations are restricted to 80 people. As of this writing, I know Genevieve is receiving checks in the mail and calls asking her to hold places. As is our usual policy, however, your check is the only guarantee of a spot to the biggest crime scene of the century. You may find yourself as the victim (not much fun in that), you could be a witness, or indeed you could be the "Perp." So all you Gangsters and Molls or perhaps a wanna-be Elliot Ness get out the glad rags for ragtime fun. Prohibition may be the law of the land but not in this joint!!!

    Also in April in a more decorous mood and setting we are having our April meeting at "Tea with Thee by Victoria". Hats are optional and the staff will choose the best hat, whether it's funny or flashy. We are going in after the store closes hence the slightly later start time of 2:30 p.m.

    Lastly, besides all the fun stuff and activities that are whirling around us, remember that in April we are having a renewal drive, although your renewal is due May 1st with a grace period until the end of May. The reason for this is that the Treasurer has to prepare a budget for 2014/15 by June 1st for the new board and that is all based on the renewal monies. In previous years, we have received renewals in June which is past the cutoff date. In an effort to streamline this process, Alyson Mihealsick, our 3rd VP has come up with incentives and a more efficient way for us all to renew in a timely fashion. I will leave Alyson to fill in the details in her piece which is in this edition. Now that the sun is out I am sure we are all ready to throw off the winter blues and get out and have some fun.

Sheelagh M Kirby

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